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Becoming Santa

Becoming Santa (2015)

It’s the Christmas season. Connor is a struggling toy designer, he wanting to make timeless toys as opposed to flash-in-the-pan electronics which regardless seem to test well in focus groups. He wants to meet his girlfriend Holly’s parents, Nick and Jessica, so that he can ask them for her hand in marriage. Holly has so far always made excuse after excuse why he can’t meet them, they who live up north, but she realizes she can no longer put it off seeing as to Connor’s intentions, he who she does want to marry. The problem is is that she hasn’t told him of her background: Nick and Jessica are Santa and Mrs. Claus. Holly knows that it will be difficult enough to tell Connor this news, but that it will be even more difficult to tell him the fact that in marrying her, he will eventually take over the reigns as Santa. Holly wants to ease Connor slowly into all this news, but she admits she has nagging doubts that Connor will either want or be up to the responsibilities of being Santa, never having been exposed to its life until now. Holly’s task is not helped with her old boyfriend on the scene, Jack Frost who has grown up around the Clauses and in the north pole. What Holly is however unaware of is that Jack has ulterior motives in his actions, he wanting to marry Holly to become Santa himself.

Duration: 87 min

Quality: HD