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Disco Beaver from Outer Space

Disco Beaver from Outer Space (1978)

National Lampoon’s spoof of late night channel surfing. A couple is watching TV late at night constantly switching channels and commenting on what’s on them. In “Disco Beaver from Outer Space”, a spoof of cheap Sci-Fi movies, a disco beaver from outer space, who has its own theme song, lands in New York in search of wood. In “Dragula”, a spoof of horror movies, a “hemosexual” vampire visits the little town of Gotham on the Hudson for some snack and the only one who can stop him is miss Van Helsing. Pope John Paul II has an accident while doing laundry. A girl shares her traumatic experience of getting hooked on Perrier, a popular French brand of bottled mineral water. There’s a preview of movies and shows only available on cable box. Masterpiece Theater presents a modernized version of Oscar Wild’s The Importance of Being Ernest as well as the Smut Brother’s trashy theater of Irish stereotypes. Artsy country music critics review live performance of a band called The Sidewinders. A noon game show called “The Breast Game” is quite raunchy. Ventriloquist talks to his pal miss hand about sex. A commercial for cure for homosexuality becomes repetitive. Eventually, some of these programs begin to merge.

Duration: 51 min

Quality: HD