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Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion

Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion (1991)

Dyan Draper, an editor of a well known fashion magazine, is infamous for writing columns that destroy other people’s career. She also drives her employees to near madness with her orders and therefore isn’t well liked. Lauren Jeffreys, the editor of another magazine, meets up with Dyan in an attempt to get Dyan not to write about her in her next column but to no avail. Lauren tries again at Dyan’s place but the next time we see Dyan she is dead on the floor. Lauren is the prime suspect but she is a friend of Perry’s and Della and so Perry’s take the defence. Lauren had a child when she was 16 and the child grew up to be Julia Collier, Dyan’s private assistant, and Lauren and Julia try to get back together. Meanwhile, Ken comes up against Albert Nardone, infamous crime mobster and little known fashion designer as Nardone’s nephew gets killed by Dyan’s killer and unwillingly has one of Nardone hoods ‘assist’ him in trying to find the killer…

Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD