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Phantom from the Deep

Phantom from the Deep (2018)

Tomb thief Jiang Mazi died in the suspension of Wuyi Mountain, leaving a tomb map of the Chinese Qilin Blackwater City – Xuanwu map, the rivers, and lakes rumored Xuanwu map hides a terrible secret.

The sorrowful Northern School of the Tomb Raiders, the highly skilled Nanpai Tomb Master Zhuo Jianliang, the accustomed to stealing the seven, the sin of the top of the prison, and the five-way five-way man, all for the purpose, for this Xuanwu map to gather in the northwest Deep in the great desert, carry out the action of stealing the tomb.

A group of people followed the map to fight, all the way to encounter the horror monsters such as the cemetery unicorn, piranhas, ghosts from time to time flashed, nine deaths after a lifetime into the Yinsen burial chamber, but found that the treasure has long been looted, only the tomb thief’s forest bones! The horror vision seems to enter the alien space. At this point, the organ found that it was a serial bucket! Under the tomb, there is another stranger of the Xixia Emperor! Everyone has once again experienced life and death, and the hundreds of millions of rooms full of rare treasures are in front of you! At this moment, the tomb room suddenly started, and the sky and the waves were coming, and the secret of Xuanwutu finally came to the surface…

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Genre: Action


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Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD