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Rock Haven

Rock Haven (2007)

Brady (Sean Hoagland), who will shortly be going away to college, is a shy, introspective 18 year old, who moves to the coastal seaside town of Rock Haven with his overprotective, widowed mother Marty (Laura Jane Coles), who is setting up a Christian school nearby. He spends a lot of time on the beach, either reading the bible or staring at the waves crashing on shore, until he meets a neighbour’s free- spirited visiting son, 19 year old Clifford (Owen Alabado). There is an instant attraction to each other, even though homosexuality conflicts with Brady’s devoutly Christian beliefs. Brady has struggled with his feelings before and spends a lot of time showering, as if to scrub these feelings away. He seeks advice from his pastor (played by David Lewis, the director), who tries to reassure him by emphasising biblical texts which portray God as non-condemnatory love. Brady’s mother, sensing that something is wrong, tries to fix him up with a nice Christian girl – who knows immediately that he is not interested in her because he isn’t staring down her dress. Because Brady is obviously uncomfortable around girls, Clifford teaches him some moves. During one such session, Clifford feels Brady’s crotch; Brady jumps away, and Clifford teases him that he is aroused. Brady avoids Clifford for a while, but then starts hanging out with him again and they bond over junk food. Clifford respects Brady’s faith and takes an interest in the Bible that Brady has given him as a present. Eventually, they sleep together. Brady had told his mother that he had being driven to a church sleepover by Peggy. When he returns the next day, she tells him that Peggy was in a car accident and confronts him about what is happening. He tells her that he is gay and she reacts by trying to get him to go to a camp to “fix” him. All good things come to an end and so does this summer.

Duration: 78 min

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