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The Ninth Grade

The Ninth Grade (2014)

“The Ninth Grade”, after “The Road” and “Children at a village school”, is my 3rd documentary that focuses on left behind children, and also the last one of this series. Being different from the other two, “The Ninth Grade” is more focuses on the education problems of these left behind children, who lacked of parents’ love during their growing-ups. And try to show their psychological changes when stepping into their rebellious ages. The original idea was to follow an ordinary class, however, due to many kinds of concerns, we followed this key class in the end, but the problems exist as much, and there’re still a lot things need the society to think about. Since graduating from university in 2009, I’ve kept using my camera to pay close attentions to these left behind children, and devoted myself to charity panoramas in the past two years, hoping to draw the society’s larger attention on this special group. It always makes me feel helpless to this kids, no matter to shoot their lives or to present them to the public. It’s a serious society problem, sorry that I cannot take more, maybe I’m just a documentary guy after all. Now I just wish to follow these kids with all my life, to witness their growing-ups and their changes, and to tell their stories during this rapid developing era.

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Genre: Documentary



Duration: 86 min

Quality: DVD