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The Noise

The Noise (2015)

Le Ren (Adrian The) who moves into an old house located at suburbs with his girlfriend, Ming Ming (Lenna Lim). They think their new home would bring them serenity and they could start a happy life in there. However, Le Ren is not aware that this house would one day becomes his nightmare… Soon after they move into the house, Le Ren hears some low, muffled sounds from nowhere in the house and one day, he discovers a dumb kid (Soya) in the cupboard who used to live in their house before they move in and he is dead.. The kid keeps asking Le Ren to play along with him. Le Ren chooses to follow whatever the kid asks him to do as he thinks the kid would hurt Ming Ming if he does not respond to his request. Meanwhile, Le Ren’s older sister, Le Juan (Phoebe Huang) calls him several times, and keeps asking him to leave Ming Ming but he chooses to not listen to his sister. There’s a time when Le Ren hears the conversation between Ming Ming and the kid. It makes him starts to suspect his girlfriend. He questions Ming Ming about the kid and he gets to know that Ming Ming has known the kid before. Meanwhile, Le Juan gets to know that Ming Ming is actually dead during the car accident 3 months ago and her brother is still in coma. After she realizes her brother is in danger, she and finds to their house. Le Juan quarrels with Ming Ming in their house and wants to take Le Ren’s spirit back to his body in hospital. The kid stops Le Juan from taking Le Ren out from the house and eventually they have a fight. Meanwhile, Le Ren’s body that is still lying on hospital is bleeding on his ear…

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Genre: Horror


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Duration: 96 min

Quality: HD