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Tortoise Beats Hare

Tortoise Beats Hare (1941)

In an unusual opening for a cartoon, Bugs wanders onto the screen during the credits and reads them aloud, mispronouncing all the names. When he gets to the title, he is enraged, and calls the crew “…all a bunch of joiks!”, then adds, “And I oughta know. I woik for ’em.” To regain his honor, Bugs challenges Cecil “Toitle” to a race. Cecil calls all his look-alike cousins who live along the race course, and they bedevil Bugs by constantly appearing ahead of him, making him think he’s losing at every turn. The rabbit crosses the finish line only to find Cecil waiting there, wondering what took him so long. Thus begins a grudge match continued with rematches in _Tortoise Wins By A Hare (1943)_ and Rabbit Transit (1947).

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Duration: 7 min

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