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Traceless (2010)

In about three weeks’ time, Étienne Meunier, a big household products company executive, is about to become boss. If all goes well, 15.000 employees, will be under his guidance. Firm believer that the triptych of success is: “talent, hard work and some luck”, Étienne, a once low-rank engineer, gradually climbed his way up to the top where he is now, a process that took him almost fifteen long years. Successful and accomplished in his work, he is married and in love with his boss’s daughter, on the way to having their first baby. But life hasn’t always been a bed of roses for him, a long-forgotten reality that he recalled upon, when one day out of the blue, Patrick Chambon, an old friend from high school some twenty years back, bumped into him. He claims that he is seeking advice for his project, in order to start a business about sustainable energy and wind turbines. But, is he still the good-hearted friend that he once knew, a man that Étienne, not only would he offer his expertise on the subject, but to also trust him with a well-kept secret?

Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD